The India Retail Market Today

The India Retail Sector was efficiently booming for the Retailers when Traditional Retail Businesses used to complete with each other on a daily basis without any other intervention. The scenario has drastically changed today, not just for the traditional retailers, but for the India Retail Market on the whole. What happened earlier is that the Retailers, in the state of competing with their Traditional Retail competitors nearby, used to lower down their prices i.e. cutting down on their profits, or used to focus hard on improving their communication with their customers in order to be better remembered and more talked about than their competitors. Apart from these options, what the Retailers did in order have more customers in their shop was to give discounts from their end, which used to again lower down their prices but they were earning a lot of revenue from their businesses. The customers, in return received best quality products at reasonable prices.

The Traditional Retailers started incurring losses when the Malls boomed in the India Retail Sector started becoming the norm for shopping. The Malls came in with the concept of providing comfortable shopping experiences along with every kind of entertainment and eatery choices one could think of in a place to shop, the major reason why people started preferring going out to the malls than reaching the traditional retail shops they used to go to. The Malls changed the way the Retail Sector worked in. The traditional retailers faced their competitor, coming up with solutions like air-conditioners in their shops to high-tech billing options to come at par with the comfort the customers get while shopping in the malls.

Now, after the coming in of E-Commerce, the Traditional Retailers have fell down in a deep pit of losses due to such huge competition from online market. The online market has taken over the retail sector by making various kinds of variety of every kind of product as well as diverse services made available to the customer, at the click of a few options. Hence, E-Commerce makes the shopping process happen in the simplest steps, you can shop by using a device which has internet connection in it, irrelevant of where you are, every kind of product can be viewed, compared and selected by you, which would be delivered to you right at your doorstep, whereas the if the customer wishes to buy anything from the Traditional India Retail Shops, they would have to reach out to the particular shop and bring back the shopping bags in person. Thus, the convenience of shopping from the online market has made it become the new norm in the India Retail Sector, forcing the Traditional India Retailers to either bring their market online or else, shut their shops down once and for all. The India Retail Market has turned out to be a sad one for the Traditional Retailers who have been continuously striving to survive in the market, the scenario which doesn't seem to be improving much for them in the nearing future.