India's Move Towards Getting Digitalized

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched the Digital India Programme to make ever Indian reach out to the world of digitalization and hence, gain the knowledge they have been away from due to not getting digitalized. Getting digitalized here, means that the electronic digital devices used by the population of the cities and the towns needs to be made available to the rest of the population as well in order to make them gain the knowledge with the aid of the internet, which would open up a new world of learning for them. Today, every kind of information we need can be gained from the World Wide Web and hence, the population that has lagged behind in terms of modern education due to the scarcity of resources would be able to improve their standards of living by the wisdom they would gain from the world of the internet, making their way to come at par with the general living and working standards of the population settled in cities.

Improving the literacy rates of our country has become a task which can't be delayed any longer. The Digital India programme aims to improve the literacy rates by providing education to the needy with the help of the internet. Such education would empower the ones who are powerless due to the shortage of knowledge. The mission is mainly, to enhance every sector of India. Providing education in various areas, skill leaning as well as improvement and hence, improving the present standards of living in the rural areas would be a big step towards the growth of our country as a whole, because only when the rate of growth in the rural areas would accelerate, there would be no stopping to the facilitated growth of India.

Apart from the rural sections of our country, the modernized sections would also benefit from getting fully digitalized in their working. Trusting Digitalization would make them finish their tasks in an easier manner, saving their precious time in the process. The time thus saved using the Digitalized methods, can be tactfully used by them in doing more work and generating more income for themselves. The benefits Digitalization beholds for the students of today are huge. The students can learn way more about a certain subject than the information that is provided to them in their textbooks, aiding them to make their way towards becoming a complete intellectual. Digitalization is the only path through which every Indian can be empowered. Digitalization gives the power to liberate ourselves in the true sense, irrelevant of where we are, where our roots belong or what our perspective for the future is. India, where the people know how to gain knowledge, if provided the medium, Digitalization would lead our country to becoming a Digitally Empowered Knowledge Economy. It is fairly possible to make our country reach to such a level where every other country looks up to it with admiration and praise if every one of us becomes digitally equipped.