IT Industry-The Impact

Since the day the term Information Technology has entered our lives, nothing has remained the same as it was, what seems like way earlier. Information Technology has changed the world into what we see it today. Years earlier, no common man could have thought of using such easy to use devices in a techno-friendly manner. Technology would grow its roots this deep into our day to day lives, none of us could have imagined even if we would have been told so, a few years ago. While doing our daily chores, we never realize what kind of essential roles; the products of the Information Technology Industry are playing in our lives.

Information Technology Industry has been outsourcing extensive work from India. After the hyper growth of the IT Industry in India, called the Silicon Valley, India started outsourcing work from India due to various benefits like cost-effectiveness, educated as well as highly intellectual population, competitiveness, English-speaking people and many more such factors. In fact, the cost-competiveness of India is such that India provides IT services three to four times than the rate in India, this being the USP of the IT Industry of India. Today, big cities such as Bangalore, Gurugram, Pune, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram and many more have become the technology hubs of the India, making our country aim for higher standards in the world of technology. The credit of the economic transformation of our country goes solely to the IT Industry, having changed the global perception regarding India in a great manner. IT Industry has had a deep impact on every stage of the education sector, especially in the fields of engineering and computer science. According to what the facts tell us, the Indian IT Sector is expected to triple its present annual revenue to reach US$ 350 billion by the year 2025, which makes it the best industry to be a part of, may it be through investment purposes as well as from the employment perspective.

Today, Demonetization can be thought possible in India only due to the existence of systematic products of the IT Technology. The faster the growth rate of the Information Technology Industry; the better would be its impact on the overall growth of our country. We owe our current techno-friendly lifestyle to the Information Technology Industry and its components because our tasks in our lives can be done in an easier, faster and in a less hassle-free way than we had thought possible before IT stepped in to our lives. The more access we would have to the technology which is still in its process to reach out to the masses, the bigger would be its impact. The progress of our country on the whole would have been impossible without IT Industry playing its significant part in it.